How to start trading with Ebury

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Trading with Ebury is simple and you can do it over the phone, by email or on Ebury Online


1. Get in touch with your currency specialist, via email or phone, to book an exchange rate

Simply confirm the type of the transaction - for example, spot transaction or forward contract - and any other conditions. Your currency specialist will ensure you understand the exchange rate and details of the transaction, and will only proceed once you’re completely happy.

You can also instruct spot trades on Ebury Online. For more information please see our Ebury Online Spot Trade Guide.

Please note: Booking a transaction is a binding agreement and cannot be amended in the future. All calls are recorded for security purposes and quality control.


2.  Ebury buys the relevant currency on your behalf


3. You receive a transaction receipt via email

This will confirm the agreed rate, amount due, Ebury’s bank account details and confirmation of your beneficiary’s details. If you’re booking a forward contract, this email will also contain the specific terms (e.g. maturity details, deposit amount).


4. You send the sell currency funds to Ebury’s segregated client account


Please note: All of our client accounts are segregated from our business accounts as per FCA regulations. Please see our “Guide to Security & Regulation” for more information.


5. We release the newly bought currency funds to the beneficiary account


6. You receive a payment receipt via email

This will confirm the payment of funds into the beneficiary account.


The whole transaction process can happen within the space of a single day. This is dependent on which currency pairs are being traded and if the sell funds reach Ebury’s segregated client account before the designated cut-off time. To find out more about cut-off times for different currencies, see our payment and collections map

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