How this online seller took control of their payments

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"Ebury's solution for online sellers is simple and transparent. By opening a segregated collection account Ebury helped us achieve considerable savings and reduce costs that were biting into our margins."

- An Amazon seller with 83 international suppliers*

Our client faced a lack of transparency and eroding margins

One issue the business was facing was a lack of visibility into incoming Euro funds, causing cash-flow issues throughout the business. This was compounded by marketplace exchange rates and transfer charges depleting their profits so that, when the funds did arrive in their account, the amount was often lower than anticipated.

The company was also struggling to manage their high frequency of payments. The business has a regular stream of new suppliers and processing large volumes of international payments was having a big operational impact.

How we helped support the client

The business switched to the Ebury Online platform to save time and money.

The solution has given them an increased level of control and visibility into incoming payments. Local collection accounts now automatically amass their Euro funds before transferring them into their home accounts. The transfer process is done with competitive rates and no transaction fees for transfers over £1,000. This has made it possible for the business to manage its income effectively

They also execute multiple payments to its suppliers in a time-conductive way with Ebury Online's multi-payment functionality. The platform features a multi-upload facility, allowing the business to quickly add new supplier payment details to the account, which has freed up the operations team.

Using Ebury Online, they've taken control of incoming payments,while saving time and achieving a better exchange rate.

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