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About Ebury

How much does it cost to sign up with Ebury?
Nothing! There’s no fee to sign up with Ebury and no obligation to trade. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll assign you a dealer who will manage your relationship and initiate transactions. You will also have a login to Ebury Online, the online platform which gives you easy self-serve account management, for free.

How can I get access to Ebury Online?
You can request access to Ebury Online by contacting your dealer or emailing the Ebury Online team at online@ebury.com.

For more information on how to book a spot trade, please see our video here.

Are my funds secure when I send payments with Ebury?
Yes! We use segregated accounts provided by our banking partners, which ensure your funds are fully protected and separate from Ebury’s own accounts.

Ebury Partners UK Limited is regulated as an Authorised Payments Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our registration number is: 522933. You can see our profile on the FCA website here.

Where does Ebury hold bank accounts?
We hold bank accounts in multiple countries across Europe, including the UK, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland. Ebury’s main collection accounts are held with a tier 1 global bank in London and we are currently expanding our capabilities to provide more accounts for more currencies.

Where can I make payments to?
You can make global payments to any country in over 130 currencies with the exception of a few countries.

What currencies can Ebury receive funds in?
We can receive funds in over 60 currencies. However, our ability to collect and sell funds is dependant on our liquidity providers, so some currencies may become unavailable at short notice.

About booking a trade

What are your opening hours?
In the UK, Ebury is open from 8:00am until 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. During these hours you can contact your dealer as well as login to your online account to conduct trades and drawdown from any open forwards.

Outside of Ebury’s office hours, you can still manage your account, make payments and add beneficiaries on Ebury Online.

What is a currency cut off time?
The currency cut off time is the latest time Ebury can receive funds and / or a payment instruction so that outward payments can be executed to the value date shown.

We will still process payment instructions that miss the cut-off time on the same day where possible but they may be sent with a future value date.

How do I pay Ebury for my trade?
We accept settlements for your trade via electronic payment. Once you have booked your trade, we will provide the bank account details and reference number to send the funds to.
We do not currently accept any other forms of payment including credit card, cash or cheque.

How do I cancel a trade?
If you want to cancel or amend a trade, please speak to your dealer directly to discuss this.

I booked the wrong currency - what should I do?
If you’ve booked the wrong currency pair, please contact your dealer immediately. You can find the details of your dealer on the Account tab within Ebury Online.

About payments processing

Why does Ebury sometimes ask for additional information for a beneficiary (eg. date of birth)?
To ensure we comply with sanctions policy, we must provide the required level of information for beneficiaries and clients. Whilst we will try to screen the beneficiary online to find this information, where it is not possible to get this we’ll ask you to provide key information such as date of birth, nationality and country of residence.

As sanctions lists are updated daily, we may ask for you to update existing beneficiary information.

How quickly can Ebury receive funds?
Unfortunately, we’re unable to control the speed at which funds are received as this is dependant on the value date set by you and the speed of your bank to process the payment. Typically, we’ll receive funds on the same day or up-to 3 business days if your bank is not part of the faster payments network. You can check if the funds have been received by Ebury by checking your Ebury Online account 24/7.

My client hasn’t received their payment. What should I do?
Firstly, check the value date and the currency pair. Non-G10 currencies can take between 3 - 5 days to clear and non-arrival on the specified value date is not unusual due to bank delays within the payment routes. We always aim to send funds in the most efficient way possible.

If the currency payment hasn’t arrived, the MT103 (found on page 2 of the payment receipt) can be used to help the beneficiary bank locate the payment.

If it can’t be located and more than 24 hours has passed since the expected value date, please contact our operations team who will initiate a payment investigation.

What is an MT103?
An MT103 SWIFT message is the most common international payment message type for the SWIFT network. It is a standardised message which contains all the information about a payment and allows us or the beneficiary bank to trace payments when needed.

My payment has arrived but it’s less than the amount I sent. Why?
This will be due to unaccounted for intermediary fees applied by the sending or receiving bank. Ebury always uses the most efficient payment routes and makes every effort to cover these fees but on occasions they will be outside of our control. Ebury receives no part of this fee.

What are intermediary fees?
Intermediary fees are those charged by banks and other intermediaries outside of those charged by Ebury to make the payment. You have the option to choose if you or your beneficiary pays the intermediary fees.

My beneficiary has received a different currency than they were expecting. Why?
If your beneficiary's bank account holds currencies which are different to that which was sent it may have been converted by their bank upon receipt. To avoid this happening, please ensure your beneficiary gives you account details for accounts which are the same currency as the currency you are sending to them.

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