Ebury Currency Accounts - FAQ

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I am an existing client, what has changed with Ebury currency accounts?

Up until now funds sent to us, from you or your clients, were addressed to “Ebury Partners UK Limited”, a separate account held with a third party financial institution eg. Barclays or Deutsche Bank.

Now you are able to send funds, to either credit your account or settle your transactions, to an individual account under your own name that is held with Ebury Partners. This new functionality will give you the opportunity to reconcile transactions faster and with more accuracy, saving you precious time.

Where are my funds held?

All client funds are securely stored in segregated accounts held in tier 1 banks within our regulatory jurisdiction.

Is my money safe?

Ebury is an authorised Electronic Money Institution (EMI) independently regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. As an EMI, we are required to ensure that customer funds are appropriately safeguarded. This means that funds received by us corresponding to electronic money will be held in one or more segregated bank accounts separately from our own funds, in accordance with the Electronic Money Regulations. We safeguard 100% of the funds we hold for clients, not only a proportion like banks do. In the unlikely event of Ebury’s insolvency, an administrator will reimburse you from the safeguarded funds.

Are Currency Accounts available in other currencies?

Yes, Ebury currency accounts are available in 30+ currencies. You can find out more details or set up a new currency account by contacting your relationship manager.

Where can I find my Currency Account details?

Simply log on to Ebury Online and select a currency from the "Balance" table on your dashboard. Account details will appear on the right hand side of your screen.

How many Currency Accounts can I have?

You can have an individual currency account for each currency you require (within our capabilities). Virtual currency accounts are also available, if you wish to have multiple accounts for the same currency.

Can I receive international payments in my currency accounts?

Yes, your relationship manager will be able to specify which countries we can accept payments from.

Who can I receive funds from?

You can use your currency account to receive payments from clients, partners and subsidiaries or other legal entities within your group*. If you are an online seller, you can receive funds from approved online marketplaces. In order to comply with our regulatory requirements, we may request you to provide invoices for incoming payments from certain clients.

Can I set up direct debits from currency account?

No, Direct Debits are currently not supported.

What types of statements do you provide?

You can view and download pdf reports from Ebury Online platform showing the history of payments in and out for a given currency. It also details the list of your FX transactions with Ebury.

Who should I contact if I am experiencing any issues sending payments to these accounts?

Your first line of contact is your relationship manager, alternatively, you can send us an email at operationsteam@ebury.com.

*Some restrictions apply. We are currently unable to support transactions involving illegal drugs and other paraphernalia, prescription drugs from unlicensed or online pharmacies, unlicensed lotteries or gambling services, adult content, forged documents, products and services infringing copyrights, payday loans and pawn shops, cryptocurrencies or any other activity deemed illegal. Restrictions also apply to collection of funds from certain countries. Please contact us for further information. 
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